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Suguna Poultry Farm Limited

Agriculture, Dairy Technology

Company Description

SUGUNA POULTRY GROUP is one of the largest producers of poultry broiler in the country.We envisage a growth prospect that would take us from the existing turnover of over Rs.3200 Crores to Rs.13000 Crores in the next 5 years. We also seek to extend our sphere of influence into newer markets both within the country and globally. Our product and service encompass the whole gamut of the Poultry Industry from Country Farms,Broilers Operations Centers and Poultry Feed Plants at TAMIL NADU, KARNATAKA, ANDHRA PRADESH, MAHARASTRA, PUNJAB, WEST BENGAL, ORISSA, GUJARAT, UTTAR PRADESH and RAJASTHAN. A truly enlightened work culture and a top management team consisting of professionals from all parts of the country await you.

Branch Co-Ordinator/SCM/Procurement
Experience(1) Years

Job Category: Operations
Begusarai, Patna, Purnia
(a) Overall responsible for all the branch functions. (b) Locating warehouse/godowns for Maize storing Purpose. (c) Locating office which at the center of all the godowns located. (d) Applying and getting APMC (Agricultural produce marketing committee) license. (e) Applying and getting Bank account in the name of Suguna Poultry farm ltd. (f) Develop transport contractors and lorry owners. Regularly monitor the transport freight to different feed mills of Suguna as per the proximity of the distance involved. Enter into long term contract with the fleet owners in consultation with the general manager / team leader. (g) Maintain at least past five years record of monthly maize arrivals in terms of quality, quantity and rates in villages under his control. (h) Educate farmers about the yields and returns by using HYBRID maize and explore the possibility of backward integration. (i) The branch manager, at any given point of the year, should be able to predict the arrivals of maize in villages under his control for the next 3 months by analyzing previous records, current position and climatic conditions. (j) Should make fortnightly visits to all the godowns and check for the quality of material stored in it and the same should be updated in the quality register. (k) Should coordinate with FCI and develop good relationship with them. Should get the daily details of maize purchased by FCI and other government agencies and maintain the records of the same. (l) Should regularly update the performance of the farmers/traders/brokers and maintain the file for the same with respect to the quantity, quality and rates of maize supplied by them. (m) Apart from the above activities he should perform the following Day-to-day activities also. a. Meeting farmers, traders, brokers, government officials, bank officials etc in all the villages under his control and maintain good relationships with them. b. Get the data on the area under maize cultivation (local and Hybrid) in villages under his control i.e., from May to September for Khariff and January to April for Rabi. c. Get the data on the output of maize (local and Hybrid) in villages under his control i.e., from September to march for Khariff and April to June for Rabi. d. Get the spot price of maize during season from the farmers/traders and all middlemen and maintaining records of it. Find the additional cost involved like gunny, transport etc till the material reaches any of the suguna feed Mills. e. Get the details of others purchasers in his market viz their requirement, their quality and rate of purchase. f. Daily monitor of prices, quantity and quality at mandi. g. Daily update of all the above details to General manager/team leader through mail. h. In charge of purchase and sale of maize after getting mail approval from general manager / team leader. i. Should counter sign all the documents relating to any function of his branch. Any document without the signature of branch manager will be invalid.

Posted Date: 23-08-2011

Experience(1) Years

Job Category: Operations
Begusarai, Patna, Purnia
We need Six Supervisor-Store in our Begusarai/Purnea/Malda branches, Bihar. Reporting to the Branch Manager- All duties to be performed with the consent and knowledge of the branch manager. (a) Receiving maize at the godowns after verifying and signing the necessary documents. (b) Stacking them as per the annexure. (c) Maintaining weekly update of maize quality at all the godowns and reporting to the branch manager of any deterioration on the same. (d) Regular fumigation to be done as per the annexure. (e) Maintaining stack cards and updating them on each arrival and dispatch. (f) Providing ventilation as per the climatic conditions. (g) Responsible for maintaining all records related to inflow and outflow of maize as well as a neat and clean warehouse/go down. . (h) Arranging for dispatch of maize to the concerned feed mills as per the instructions of the branch manager. (i) Completely responsible for the quality of maize from the date of receipt till the date of dispatch except for any moisture loss. (j) Assisting the branch manager in his day-to-day activities.

Posted Date: 23-08-2011

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